Chronicle of a Summer Day

2023, Documentary Short Film

Materials: .mov, .mp4, super8, 120mm & 35mm stills, & a lot of Flowers

This film has no credited director. This is a community piece of moving image that is a collage of literally and figuratively many lenses.

In lieu, here is a statement from our editor and co-producer, Kira Helm (they/them):
“The concept I edited around is Juneteenth as a celebration and appreciation for our ancestors who endured the worst so we could live today. The film ends where it begins and begins where it ends (the whole thing rewinding) for future conversations around Juneteenth, so the film can function as another labor to prop up future generations.”


Produced by & Featuring: John Caleb Pendleton

Photography by:
Michael David Thomas
Andrew Skalak
Zach Grand
Emanuel Dontae Williams
Ruby Que
Joseph Frank
Texas Smith

Co-Produced by:
Kira Helm
Michael David Thomas
Erica Duffy
Andrew Skalak
Kevin Cagnolatti

Special Participation from:
Texas Smith

Edited by:
Kira Helm

Additional Assistance From:
Camryn Tabiolo
Evelyn Landow
Sean Wisbey
Pavit Ghandi
Lorenzo Leyva
Josh Smith

Color by:
C. Ryan Stemple, CSI


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